Olá! I’m Raphael Amorim

I love music, coding and painting.

I like to create music, if you want to listen: Apple Music or Spotify. You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Brazilian software engineer at Viaplay and jQuery member. I love Japanese culture (親日), travel around the globe, listen to 60s-90s songs, telecaster guitars and 8bit art. Currently, I am living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Previously, I had work in companies like Spotify, GoDaddy, Globo.com and Videolog.

On my free time I am also developing React Ape, which is a React renderer to build UI interfaces using Canvas/WebGL, more info here.

I love compilers, WebAssembly and GL. Currently, I’m having some fun writing a lightweight language called Kyoto powered by LLVM.

Speaker at over some conferences & events giving talks about JavaScript, Web Perfomance, React, Canvas/WebGL and development processes.

In 2015 was one of the most active software developers in the world list on GitHub having done meaningful contributions to open source projects for 513 days in a row.

Already have worked as Mozilla Learning volunteer in web literacy projects (e.g: Rio Mozilla Club). Author of some open source projects, e.g: React-Ape, React-TV, Origami.js.