Development in progress
Meet  Rio  terminal.

Have been using Rio for few weeks and enjoying the experience so far. I love the colors and the visual around it.

Jader Gomes • CryptoGPT

Rio is amazing! either still beta, could full fill all need working heavily with git/docker/spring/npm , I really recommend to get a try and Kudos to @raphamorims for fantastic job.

Matheus Monte
Ex Amazon and Samsung

It is a privilege to be invited to beta test Rio! It has brought me closer to the code of the project, and I have learned a lot about how to develop a terminal emulator.

Thiago Avelino
CTO/CPO at Buser

Why Rio?

Rio is built over WebGPU, WebAssembly and Rust. The WebGPU API makes it suitable for general purpose graphics and compute on the GPU.

Applications using WPGU run natively on Vulkan, Metal, DirectX 11/12, and OpenGL ES; and browsers via WebAssembly on WebGPU and WebGL2.

Is it ready?

Not yet, but you can download an unstable version for MacOS (x86 and arm64).

Development status?

You can follow @raphamorims on Twitter to track Rio development updates.