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Rio Terminal

Fast and Fast

The Rio has fast performance, leveraging the latest technologies including Rust and advanced rendering architectures.

24-bit true color

Regular terminals are limited to just 256 colors, the Rio supports "true color," which means it can display up to 16 million colors.

Images in Terminal

The Rio can display images within the terminal using iTerm2 and kitty image protocols.


Rio is a cross-platform app that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Font ligatures

Rio provide font ligatures support as a way to improve readability of common expressions or operators.

Loved by many engineers

I have been using the Rio terminal ( for 6 months. OMG! Rio is my No.1 terminal ♥️ and is super fast 🚀 . Love using it daily 🎉
I've been dailydriving Rio, it's 🔥
This week I'm testing rio, a rust based terminal and I need to say: It's amazing! either still beta, could full fill all need working heavily with git/docker/spring/npm , I really recommend to get a try and Kudos to @raphamorims for fantastic job
It’s a tiny one but this release features my first ever contribution to an open source project and it feels so nice to give back to this amazing project that has become my main terminal.
I really love this terminal
Eu comecei a usar o Rio term faz uns dias e ta sendo uma experiência muito bacana! parabéns @raphamorims