Olá • Hello • こんにちは

My name is Raphael Amorim.

Previously, I worked at companies like Viaplay, Spotify, GoDaddy, and Globo.com. I have been a speaker at a few conferences. I am an enthusiast about compilers, WebAssembly, and Rust.

I was responsible for Viaplay’s adoption of the Rust language. I built the starter infrastructure, released the first service for production, and actively worked on developing a Rust culture, which led to the language’s adoption in the upcoming years, along with many other feats. See when it all started.

I wrote a book about WebAssembly in Portuguese.

In 2015, I was one of the most active software developers in the world on GitHub, having made meaningful contributions to open-source projects for 513 days in a row.

Currently, I am having fun building a terminal application written in Rust, called Rio.

I also like to create music. If you want to listen, check out Apple Music or Spotify.