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Rio 0.0.11

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Example of Rio v0.0.11 using the new sugarloaf:

v0.0.11 includes v0.0.10 with a bug fix of CachedSugar for font styles.

  • Major rewrote of sugarloaf.
  • Sugarloaf: Performance improvements around 80-110%.
  • Sugarloaf: Introduced CachedSugar.
  • Sugarloaf: Usage of PixelScale.
  • Sugarloaf: Line-height support.
  • Open new tab using the current tab directory.
  • Fix some symbols break the horizontal and vertical alignment of lines (ref #148).
  • Fix font size configuration is confusing (ref #139).
  • Fix Glyph not rendered in prompt (ref: #135).
  • Use fork by default in test context.
  • Updated terminfo.
  • Increased default font size to 18.
  • Move to next and prev tab using keybindings.
  • Setting editor by keybindings and new property called "editor" in configuration file.
  • Rio creates ".deb" packages (canary and release).
  • Binary size optimization (ref: #152) by @OlshaMB
  • A huge thanks to @ralgozino for all bug reporting and testing through this version development.