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Release 0.0.6

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Rio release 0.0.6 is finally here, there's a lot of updates to cover so let's get started. I also would like to remind you that Rio is still unstable. This release adds a lot of bug fixes and feature additions in order to make Rio terminal stable.

Underline and strikethrough style

Support to text styling as such "Underline" and "Strikethrough".

Tabs support

Tabs has been added to Rio terminal for macos and linux platform.

The shortcuts:

  • Create tab: Logo key (Command in macos) + T.
  • Close tab: Logo key (Command in macos) + W.
  • Switch tab: Control key + Tab key.

Below you can see an example of usage:

Note: There's a limit of maximum of 6 tabs for now.

Support to Beam and Underline cursors

Beam and underline cursor support has been added to Rio terminal. Also, block cursor and IME state allow a character to be visible.


  • Fix: support to clipboard in linux by @joseemds.
  • Font style for custom fonts by @OlshaMB (closed #80 and #81)
  • Text styles Underline and Strikethrough (closed #79).
  • Update default colors for tabs/tabs-active.
  • Tabs support.
  • Fix rendering tab and hidden chars by replacing to space by @niuez, (closed #56).
  • Block cursor hover a character and still allow it to be visible.
  • Support to caret Beam and Underline cursor #67 by @niuez.
  • Fix panics if custom font is not found #68.
  • MacOs ignore alt key in cntrlseq (same behavior as, Hyper, iTerm and etecetera).